Scott Edelstein Literary Agency

Scott represents a very small number of writers as a literary agent. Each of these clients has published several books, at least one of which has generated significant sales.

Scott is a specialist, representing a very narrow range of nonfiction books for adults. These books must have the potential to change the world, the reader, or both in significant, positive ways. They must also speak directly to the reader, in what is—inaccurately—often called a self-help voice. (Scott does not represent narrative nonfiction, memoir, biography, fiction, poetry, or children’s books.) Scott’s strongest interest is in the areas of spirituality and popular psychology. However, he occasionally represents books in the related areas of health, parenting, and social change.

Scott’s clients include:
• Natalie Goldberg (author of Writing Down the Bones and many other books)
• Steve Hagen (author of Buddhism Plain and Simple and other books)
• Anne Katherine (author of Boundaries and other books)
• Jean Illsley Clarke (author of Self-Esteem: A Family Affair and other books)
• Randi Kreger (co-author of Stop Walking on Eggshells and other books)

Scott does not plan to add any new clients in the near future.

For a list of publishing deals Scott has made, click here. Please note that Scott no longer represents books in many of the subject areas included on this list.